Hey, I'm Kristina Cho! 

I'm from the great city of Cleveland and am the most enthusiastic spokesperson for the state of Ohio you'll ever meet. I grew up in my family's Chinese restaurant, where large staff dinners were the norm and I was spoiled with the best egg rolls and bbq pork being a quick "Hey, Grandpa!" away. I studied Architecture at the University of Cincinnati, where I realized that cooking and baking in between building models and staying up all night was my happy place.

I moved to foggy San Francisco in 2013 and have been working as an architectural designer ever since. EatChoFood is my space for sharing stories, reflections, and seriously delicious recipes. Chopping vegetables after work is my form of meditation. Orange is my favorite color and my favorite artificial candy flavor. I love dumplings, noodles, eating all the samples at farmers markets, and cooking dinner for 20 people on a moment's notice. I'll have snacks for you if you ever come over for a visit.

All the things I create are inspired by the colorful people in my life, growing up in my family's Chinese restaurant and food centric household, my New Jersey boyfriend and his love of pizza and breakfast sandwiches, and living in the diverse and food loving city of San Francisco where any type of food is an expensive Uber ride away.

Thanks for checking out my happy place!