This dinner was a collaboration between two fellow classmates, Alex + Michael! We curated a dining experience focused on the concept of "collecting marks". The table with built in grill was constructed from scrap pallet lumber by Michael, the custom stools were designed and built by Alex, and I managed the meal.

The dinner entailed 3 courses - The ingredients for each course was deconstructed, displayed on the table, and prepared and eaten on the table. While planning the menu or lack of menu, we wanted simple ingredients that were balanced and would intuitively go together into a dish. Out guests were encouraged to create their own meal combinations with the items on the table. They were also encouraged to share ingredients, make a mess, make mistakes, and ultimately make marks.

Unlike at other dinners, it was exciting if wine was spilled, spices left a stain, and to leave some cut marks on the surface from chopping vegetables.

It was a magical and messy meal set in the gravel lot of our professor's studio in East Price Hill, where each elevation was unique and dramatic. 

The biggest and most hilarious mark was when the tabletop grill actually burned through, creating a gaping hole and ultimately destroyingour table! This didn't ruin the dinner at all, but made for an even more memorable meal. Dessert adapted and we ended with a small bonfire that we through packets of berries, chocolate, coconut, and oats into for a warm and cozy dessert.


Starter : Grilled Salads

Main : Grilled Vegetable Kabobs

Dessert : Baked Berries w/ Dark Chocolate, Coconut, and Oats